Cold Pressed Juices and Cleanses

Cold-pressed juices are the next level in health consciousness, balance and convenience. A vibrant rainbow of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and herbs are hydraulically cold pressed between 2 steel plates. This action does not heat or oxidize the produce. The end result is a nutritionally packed, mega-amplified live juice that is brilliant to taste, loaded with enzymes, vitamins and vital trace minerals. With proper refrigeration the live nutrients and enzymes will maintain their stability and crisp taste for 72 hours after being pressed.

There are four ways to get your Fresh cold pressed juice fix!

1. Come into any of our locations and pick your favourites from our fridges. View our Cold Pressed Menu.
2. Go into any of our partner locations and choose from their Fresh fridges. View a list of Toronto retailers carrying Fresh Cold Pressed.
3. Order a custom selection of juices online (8 bottles minimum) and then pick up the following day at any Fresh location. Start shopping our juices.
4. Order any of our cleanses online and pick up at any Fresh location. Start shopping our cleanses.


One bottle of cold-pressed juice contains approximately 3 pounds or 12 servings of raw fresh produce.

Made in Toronto in small hand crafted batches, our beautiful juices and handmade nut milks are never compromised with pasteurization or high-pressure processing. (HPP). Drinking fresh cold-pressed juice is one of the most efficient ways to take in all of the micronutrients our bodies need to sustain us with energy all day long and throughout the week.

Our recipes are created not only for their intense healthful benefits but also for their mouthwatering taste. These ingredients will cleanse and detoxify you, fire up your immune system, soothe your nerves, stimulate your brain and energize your body.

A raw, organic juice cleanse allows our entire digestive system to rest and recuperate, giving us time to reset our daily patterns and habits. Our cleanses are designed to nourish and support, not to deprive or stress your body. You will emerge lighter, cleaner and more focused than ever.


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