Our Juice

In today's busy world, when it seems there's never enough time to eat properly, juicing can ensure that your body gets the nourishment it needs to stay on top - fast. This is especially important for your immune system, which is constantly fending off assaults from bacteria, viruses, environmental toxins and stress.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices have the power of nature's healing properties and nutritional building blocks to bring you closer to better health and well-being than you've ever been before.

They are a rich, concentrated source of nutrients and give an instant boost of vital energy. The vitamins, minerals and enzymes present in live juices are absorbed more quickly, easily and efficiently than whole foods that can take hours to digest. The quick and easy assimilation of fresh juices is due to the presence of live enzymes in raw fruits and vegetables.

Our extensive juice bar menu consists of fruit & green smoothies, vegetable juices, immune elixirs and power shakes. We don't rely on flavoured syrups, concentrates, artificial sweeteners, sorbet, preservatives or hidden dairy products to make our juices delicious. We don't use bulk supplements either. Our name brand leading edge supplements are considered amongst the best in the natural health food industry and are widely available at most health food stores.

Our cold pressed juices are the next level in health consciousness, balance and convenience. Fresh organic ingredients are hydraulically cold pressed between 2 steel plates. This action does not heat or oxidize the produce. The end result is a nutritionally packed, mega-amplified live juice that is brilliant to taste, loaded with enzymes, vitamins and vital trace minerals. With proper refrigeration the live nutrients and enzymes will maintain their stability and crisp taste for 72 hours after being pressed. One bottle of cold-pressed juice contains approximately 3 pounds or 12 servings of raw fresh produce. Made in Toronto in small hand crafted batches, our beautiful juices and handmade nut milks are never compromised with pasteurization or high-pressure processing. (HPP). Our recipes are created not only for their intense healthful benefits but also for their mouthwatering taste. These ingredients will cleanse and detoxify you, fire up your immune system, soothe your nerves, stimulate your brain and energize your body.

If you want to try juicing at home, check out our cookbooks for lots of juicing tips and recipes.