As a busy restaurant and juice bar we're always searching for new ways to reduce our impact on the earth and its resources. We strive daily to make a difference in the best possible way. Please feel free to share suggestions on how we might further improve our efforts to tread lightly on our planet by writing to

1. Our take-away packaging is biodegradable and compostable. This includes all cups and containers. This starch-based packaging is made from agricultural commodities such as corn and potatoes. These dissolve in 30 to 60 days when in prolonged contact with water and heat. Our non-petroleum based containers look, feel and act like traditional plastic but break down into organic components.

2. Our used cooking oil is picked up and recycled for biodiesel purposes including alternative fuel for your vehicle. Green fuels help reduce smog emissions and environmental pollutants in local areas.

3. Produce scraps and other biodegradable waste is composted. We maintain receptacles for glass, plastic and cardboard for our kitchens, juice bars and dining rooms.

4. Canadian recycled paper products with a high percentage of post-consumer waste are used wherever possible including hand towels, paper bags, napkins and toilet paper.